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Pasvalio Levens pagrindine mokykla

Pasvalio Levens pagrindine mokykla
Pasvalys Lėvens basic school is situated in the beautiful place by the river Levuo not far from the centre of the town Pasvalys which is in the North of Lithuania. Children from the town and district attend the school. There are 13 class groups of pupils aged 7-15- 302 students altogether.

There are 40 teachers working full time. Our teachers are educated to work as pedagogues and educators. Pupils of our school are of different origins, backgrounds and statuses. Some of the pupils come from broken or single-parent families. We have also integrated some pupils with special needs (low intellect, hyperactive) which makes our work challenging and obliges to search for the ways to make their life better.

In our school we have been working under the special educational plan which is integrated to be suitable for all kinds of pupils to satisfy their needs. We are the school of healthy living ideas and good traditions. We think the more children are busy after school with extracurricular activities, the less time they will spend with bad companies.

We offer our pupils a great variety of clubs and circles to choose from after school. Our pupils have been taking part in various competitions and events concerning sports, singing, healthy living and education. Our pupils have won many National and local awards: medals, cups, prizes, diplomas. Though we have done much and achieved many good results, we still think we need more experience in using modern methods to give best to our children.

For us it is very important to take part in European school projects as they initiate the search for other approaches, we can learn from other partners‘ experience and their methods of work and education.